Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coziest Spot in Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is the first stop within SEA LIFE Minnesota's famous, 300ft long tunnel. Not only is it the home of many tropical fish, but it is also the location of a heart warming sight you will not want to miss!

A Nurse Shark and a variety of Bamboo sharks curl up
against the exhibit's rocky overhang.
This tropical paradise houses some of the warmest water in the aquarium - nearly 82 degrees! Water that warm, in addition to cozy, coral surroundings, can only mean one thing: naps!

And that's exactly what the shark's of Rainbow Reef do! The next time you begin your journey through the Aquarium's 300ft long ocean tunnel, look up towards the overhanging rocks! You'll be sure to find White Spotted Bamboo Sharks, Brown Banded Bamboo Sharks, and our newly added, Juivinile Nurse Shark all cuddling against the tunnel's glass and exhibit rocks.

Keep your voice down, though. These little guys need their beauty sleep!