Monday, August 22, 2011

Piranha’s Rocky Rescue

SEA LIFE Minnesota Removed 55 Rocks from Piranha’s Stomach
Piranhas typically eat mackerel, shrimp, or algae; NOT ROCKS. However, SEA LIFE just received a piranha who had an abnormal looking stomach full of 55 rocks! Carly Bryns, SEA LIFE’S Curator, spotted the piranha at a locally trusted fish supplier.

As you can imagine, rocks can only be removed one way- through surgery. The aquarium staff took on the challenge of surgically removing the rocks and saving this poor piranha’s life. The net weight of these 55 rocks ended up being 17 grams.

SEA LIFE MInnesota's newest piranha after his surgery.

As you can see, the piranha is doing well after his intense surgery. Tomorrow, (Tuesday, August 23rd) SEA LIFE staff will display the piranha for guests to see and learn more about. He now has some stiches and a strict fish diet - hold the rocks.

It’s been a ROCKY road for this little piranha, but he has found himself an excellent home at SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium!

SEA LIFE Minnesota Facebook fans can vote to help name the little survivor! Click here to choose from: Rocky, Rambo, or Rock Star!