Friday, June 10, 2011

EELectricity at SEALIFE Minnesota!

Wednesday, June 8th was World Ocean Day and we decided to celebrate by using renewable energy to oxygenate one of our tanks!  Early on Wednesday morning, we hooked the oxygen pump in the Green Moray Eel tank up to a really cool bike we borrowed from Heritage Middle School, and tried to save energy by making our own. The bike is hooked up to a battery, and when someone rides the bike, it generates enough electricity to charge the battery and run the oxygen pump! Throughout the morning, students from the middle school and some of our employees rode the bike, keeping the water fresh for all the sea creatures inside.

We also learned a lot about what we can do to help protect the animals that live in the oceans. For example, did you know that leaving your cellphones and computers plugged in to charge overnight releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which, in excess, can damage the coral reefs? Or, that if you cut your shower time by just one or two minutes, you could save 150 gallons of water each month?

If we all took a little less time in the shower and only charged our cell phones for a couple hours each day, we could do a lot to help all the sea creatures and their environments!

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